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Great week of practice!!!
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Bradley Roby

Here's another 7th round sleeper. Personally, I believe he's a steal in the 7th.

University of New Mexico tight-end Lucas Reed.

Was an All-American candidate his sophomore year, but played for arguably the worst team in the country his sophomore and junior years and played for a true option team his senior year.

caught 33 balls for 459 yards and 5 TD's as as Sophmore.

Only caught 5 passes as a senior, but was on a team that threw the ball five times per game.

Didn't get invited to the combine, but posted a 37 inch vert, 25 reps at 225, and ran a 4.77 40 at 6'6" 259 pounds at his pro day. Also has the 2nd longest arms among TE's in the draft.
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