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Originally Posted by Dexter View Post
I'm all about drafting a safety high in this draft.


I just wish people would quit hating on Rahim Moore for 1 play. I would be all good with it if we had someone beat him out in camp. But people act like he isn't allowed to be human. The whole bronco fan base is taking one play and acting like it was the sole reason we lost that playoff game.

I'm sure I don't need to remind anyone that:

Champ got burned for 2 TDs
Tony Carter got burned on that same play.
Manning threw a game ending interception
Ayers messed up on that same play
Prater missed a relatively easy field goal
The Refs missed an obvious pass interference call that resulted in a pick 6.
John Fox played conservative football.

So can we stop being so harsh on one play by one player!? If we're just going to be that unforgiving we should just get rid of the rest of the players that made mistakes that game.

I was so ready to call Rahim Moore a bust after his first season. But he came back and played so well for the majority of his second season. He rarely missed a tackle and though he wasn't a big time play maker, he played soundly. I for one appreciate that he took responsibility and cares. More than can be said about a lot of players in the NFL.

TLDR: I forgive Rahim Moore and you should too. However I expect improvement from him this season and you should too.
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