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D.J. Williams

So I guess Sid will be playing on Thursday which gives him 2 games. I suspect he needs 4 points (at least). I think we got NJ and CAR.

1. Bylsma don't be an idiot. I don't care about Kunitz or Dupuis feelings. Sid needs to play full time with Geno and Iggy on the wings.
2. Sid needs to play all 2 min of each PP.
3. No need for defense as these are meaningless games....just stay out on the blue line waiting for a breakout pass Sid.
4. Gary....we are the golden boys of the league right? So please tell your officials to make sure we get at least 5 PP each of these games preferably at least 2 majors.
5. Getting Peters for one of these games is great. To make sure he is even more awful than he is....send some of pittsburghs finest up to his room the night before to wear him down. Dudes save percentage against us better not be above .700.

We need to win this thing for hook or by crook I really dooooooont caaaaare.
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