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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
a shutdown corner in a league filled with top tier QB's and passing records falling left and right. as good as he is, it's worth the 16 mil if he can help take you from a solid defense to a great one and get you into the playoffs and potentially farther.

the #13 pick unless it turns out to be as good as Revis or better is moot.
the Bucs solved a huge need and did so without having to guarantee money.
they need top tier vets to help them, not another young rookie who will take 2-3 years to really help out.
They guaranteed him 32 million. They are not going to walk away from this deal in a single season so his first 2 years and 32 million dollars are guaranteed unless this deal is a complete **** storm.

You are still just giving bigger and bigger ifs and buts. Any deal you make that wins you a super bowl is worth it, that it not the question. The question is, were the Bucs only a better CB away from the super bowl? given that they weren't competitive in the division and you have to expect the Saints to come roaring back, I would say no. Josh Freeman has giving no indication that he is a playoff caliber QB and their pass defense is truly shocking, they gave up the most yards, one of the highest completion percentages, gave up more passing TDs than they got sacks. Revis will probably help that, but we have seen it with Champ, one good CB doesn't save a ****ty defense.
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