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Personally, I'd use our 3rd round pick on a RB. I think there will be one of our top 3-4 RB's available at 90. I'd prefer to use our first 2 picks on defense.

I believe 2 of the following will be availabe at 90: Bell, Ball, Taylor, Michael

And, I'm not sure that I love Lacy that much more than these 4 guys. So, why spend our #1 or #2 on a back?

Here's what I want:

#28: Werner or Rhodes or trade back to 40 and take Moore, Minter, or Hayden
#58: Jamar Taylor, Hankerson, or Teo
#90: Le'veon Bell or Taylor

I just think the RB you can get in the 3rd round will be better value then the CB, DE, DT you can get in the 3rd round. Plus, we will be throwing the ball 65% of the time and using a RB committee most of the season.

Who the hell is Hankerson? Taylor and Te'o won't be there for Denver's 2nd round pick. I would love any of your first round picks of Werner, Rhodes and Moore. Levon Bell in the 3rd would make me smile as well.
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