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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
That isn't nearly true. At 16 million a year he is a solid 4 million more than any other DB, so even if he is the very best in the league that is not a good deal.

It is a big if too, he is coming back from a big knee injury and his game is very reliant on being able to move fluently. We have seen it with Champ, half a step is the difference between elite and very good.
a shutdown corner in a league filled with top tier QB's and passing records falling left and right. as good as he is, it's worth the 16 mil if he can help take you from a solid defense to a great one and get you into the playoffs and potentially farther.

the #13 pick unless it turns out to be as good as Revis or better is moot.
the Bucs solved a huge need and did so without having to guarantee money.
they need top tier vets to help them, not another young rookie who will take 2-3 years to really help out.
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