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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
And then you conveniently left out the part where he went on to basically agree with most of what I said we needed to do to address the problem. But sure, keep trying, you dumb ox.

Yep, there's an ignoramus in every group.

Case in point...

Sup, b****?
didn't leave anything out.....your "answers" won't work because you still think that it'll work if we just keep throwing more money at it and expand it.

As for the ignoramuses, there are way too many of those on welfare who have turned into the family business and have made a career of mooching off those of us who work and have to carry them. again another area that you think throwing more money at it will make it all better.....

amazing you're all about saving little kids lives when they're shot by some nut job with an AR-15....but aborting them? Oh, no you're quite OK with it.
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