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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
DaQuan Bowers? That was the guy last year that was supposed to be such a good DE. Got a lot of looks. C'mon man, you can't reach for injured players in round one, there's much better options. If somebody wants Tank that's fine with me, but I think there are much better options for the Broncs.
Bowers had a lot of bad medicals, character concerns and a lot of other things that caused him to fall from grace. He also blew out his Achilles tendon when entering the NFL. What happened to Tank was a freak injury in the last game of the year with minutes to go. It was tragic. Tank tested way better than Bowers and isn't a reach. Just because he is coming off an ACL tear doesn't mean he should be devalued. You clearly do not watch him on the field. Conversation over.
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