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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Pens have 10 losses. Sid was on the ice for 8 of them. They win more without him on the ice. By definition, a team cannot have a better record without their MVP on the ice than they do with him on the ice. They do.

Everyone outside Pittsburgh, including me, disagrees. I have no horse in this race. I actually hate Ovy and am biased against him. What does that tell you?

A guy who is actually playing and helping his team win games is better. Crosby can't stay healthy. Period. Call me when he is averaging 2 pts per game and actually plays a full season. Then we can talk.
Agreed. I would say that Ovy and Stamkos are more valuable to their teams than Crosby is, and I like Stamkos more out of anyone in the NHL...he's lighting it up at such a young age.

I believe SoCal is emotionally charged with this one because he saw the same thing happen to Mario when he was going up against Gretz. Mario's career was marred by injuries and retirement. So I think that Crosby missing a bunch of games the last few years has SoCal pissed to the point he is justifying the fact that the awards shouldn't be based on the whole season.

He saw Mario miss out on some awards and scoring titles, and now he's gonna see it again. Can't have that...
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