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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
Yeah, I don't feel the love for Tank. Spend a #1 on a DE that is coming off an ACL? No. A one year starter? No. There's better options.
Pretty narrow-minded and myopic opinion on a guy who dominated junior college, did very well last year and was one of the best defensive players in the country this year. Had he not blew out his knee he was going to go in the Top 15. I will not be surprised if a team takes him very early as long as his medicals evaluations check out. The Vikings took a dude who had cancer and another guy who had two ACL tears in the first round. (Udeze and James) The Broncos took Jarvis Moss who was an absolute loser and moved up to get him. I still remember exactly where I was that day (playing soccer at college) and almost cried to that news.

Didn't work out for them, but Carradine was a much better collegiate player than both of them. To simply dismiss Tank based on injury is silly. I suggest you put on the tape and see him. Always involved on plays. Great TFL, good run defense and gets after the QB. He has the ability to be a complete player in the NFL and has Pro-Bowl caliber. He consistently did it against LT in college. He outperformed Werner this year and might have even flashed more than Jenkins had at his highest levels of output prior to his lis franc. The Seminoles have a lot of solid prospects this year. I think Carradine will be better than both Werner and Jenkins in the NFL, and Rhodes is his only competition for best Seminole from the 2013 class.

Certainly worth a look @ #28 if he is there. Considering the Broncos were one of only 11 teams at his workout, I would say we are extremely interested. Heck, yeah -- we are interested. Very much so.

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