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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
I disagree with your argument. Sidney's play...much if it without Geno in the lineup was the main reason they won 15 in a row. Dude was averaging more than 2 ppg for a big stretch. Only reason they are winning now is Iggy and Morrow were added to the lineup....even now they are not winning impressively...they are playing like crap....and not surprisingly Kunitz has fallen off the face of the earth since Sid went out. What does that tell you?

There is really no way anyone can claim Ovy is more deserving. Dude played like crap for half the year. So because he plays great for the other half and his team has like 5th most points in the somehow better than the guy who was great the whole time and our team is in first?

Seems legit.
I'm not going to get in an endless argument. The 2 points that are glaringly obvious are:

1) whenever crosby is out, the pens don't suffer. Don't they have a better record without him?

2) Ovechkin was playing with grinders and an MIA backstrom for a chunk of the year. If you watched any of their games, you would have seen Beagle and Crabb whiff on multiple ovie prime passes and ovie getting triple teamed. Notice how now either he is more open and having legitimate top 6 guys with him opens up the game.

You can't have it both ways. Early on, you were complaining (with many media types) how crosby had crap wingers in Kunitz and Dupuis. Now suddenly, it's look how awesome crosby is. Which is it? Can't be both.

Stamkos, Ovechkin and Crosby are all great players in their own right but it is what it is. They all dominate games. It's not anyone's fault that Crosby is always injured. I told you he was injury prone, the pattern has always been there throughout his career. It's part of the game.

Anyways, this is a waste of energy. I'll let you vent. We will see what happens in the playoffs.
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