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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller View Post
And the fact you're resorting to average shoes how desperate and scared you are. 8 would have 3 Harts if that's the criteria.

Why would I be scared of the Caps?

Are the Broncos scared of the Browns in an AFCCG?

The Hart has been traditionally awarded to the best player....yes I know it isn't phrased that way but in practice that is essentially what it is....more or less.

And RedskinBronco...I would welcome the Rags. We own the Rags....whether it be reg season or postseason. It doesn't go out the window just because its the playoffs....if that were the case the Flyers hex on us wouldn't have reappeared in the playoffs last year. We own NY. Period.

The bottom line is this season has been awful. A Cup and a Conn Symthe would be great....wouldn't make up for it fully.....but it would be the least that the law of averages could do to make up for this bull****.

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