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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
How can he be undeserving of the 2nd two? Art Ross is for leader in total points. It's a very black and white award. Either you're out there scoring points for your team every night (Ovy) or you're always injured (Sidney). It's not like it's some judgment call.

And in terms of the Hart.....what is Pittsburgh's record and winning percentage without Sidney? Probably about the same as it is right now. They are doing just fine without him. Washington on the other hand is a bottom feeder without Ovechkin playing out of his mind. For me, that makes the Hart decision easy. Washington needs Ovy more than Pittsburgh needs Sidney.
Hmm a lot of logic in this post.

Come on SoCalBronco, don't let your homerism make you look like a petty child. Everytime you b**** about Crosby, you sound like that.

Look, he's injury prone and he isn't nearly as important to Pittsburgh as you think he is, given how stacked the roster is. Give Ovechkin his credit, whether you like it or not, the guy is a top player in this league.

No one said Crosby wasn't a great player, but you need to give Ovechkin and Stamkos their due.

You can make endless arguments about how much Crosby profits from secondary assists and phantom assists. Don't become like the Canadian media dude. With Ovechkin and Stamkos, it's clearly in front of us, they put the puck in the net at a higher level than anyone else; can't question that.
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