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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
I don't disagree with most of this. I'd even be for a federally funded planned parenthood on every corner if all it did was educate and hand out birth control and condoms. Part of the problem with public assistance IMO is that it rewards those who chose a life of dependency in exchange for voting allegiance, and by design is difficult to wean. It encourages single parenthood and punishes those who seek a better life via marriage and employment, which in turn feeds the cycle of poverty and government dependence. I don't pretend to have all the answers... but as is the system that is supposed to in theory help the poor at best doesn't help and at worst is designed to keep an ever expanding population on the plantation.

I'd like to be able to offer free vasectomies and tubal ligations to anyone who wants it, just relieve me of the liability.
And I don't think there are a ton of people out there who believe the welfare system is perfect as is. But it does save lives, at the very least. I may be encouraging the homeless guy on the corner to return the next day by giving him a few dollars...but at least I know he might be there the next day.

But of course, if we start with a REAL effort at public health education, we can then start the discussions of how to reform welfare, how to provide health care to our citizens in the most effective and cost efficient way, how to address addiction and crime, and yes, even whether or not we should start seriously considering banning abortions except in those rare circumstances we've discussed.

Unfortunately, the discussion gets derailed by people like cut who think a discussion on public health is an attack on religion, and that religion is somehow qualified to teach science. Frame of reference, I attended parochial school and religious institutions for 14 years. In health class we were taught that masturbation is a viable alternative to sex. In religion class, we were taught masturbation is a sin. So no, I don't trust the religious right to teach my children or their own the realities of public health and sex education.
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