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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
What's yours? Placing low expectations and victim status on entire class of people for generations certainly hasn't helped, even if your intentions are good.
Please forgive any typos, I'm typing on my phone.

My suggestion is to start by requiring employers to offer paid (or government subsidized) maternity and paternity leave, establishing government-run or subsidized child care facilities (or offering vouchers for private care facilities) for parents who are working or looking for work, and welfare for poor families, all dependent upon the parents' willingness to either work, look for a job for a limited time, or be placed in a job found for them. Too many people feel they are "above" certain jobs...if McDonalds is hiring and you need a job, sorry, suck it up. You've got kids to support.

That's just addressing the result, though. It's not prevention. We need to get serious about sex education in this country and stop treating it like a yucky idea. The way the religious right approaches sex education is detrimental to society as a whole. Sex is not a bad evil yucky thing inspired by satan, it's a natural process that every person wants to start doing the moment they start noticing the opposite sex. Unplanned pregnancy is just as much a problem in rural Christian communities as it is in the inner city.

Sex and health education needs to be universal, and REQUIRED. Even for home schooled children. And it must be done according to state-sanctioned standards...MEDICAL standards. All children should be taught that abstinence is the only TRUE way to prevent pregnancy and disease, but that sex is a natural process, and that their bodies are not magical temples but actual biochemical machines with many different processes, needs and uses. I simply do not trust the religious right to do this on their own in a responsible way. It must be done in public, and BY the public.

I think this is a good start to answering the question of how to actually reduce the number of abortions, while actually helping to improve both overall public health and less reliance on the public dole.
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