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Trey Gowdy

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Yet we still don't have mandatory sex education because conservatives think parents can do a good job of it all by themselves. If you were truly concerned about affecting the number of abortions, you would be working to root that mentality out of your party.

I would work to eradicate the desire to kill babies from the liberal side, if there were actually a desire to speak of. Abortions aren't caused by malice.
Guess you haven't heard about abortion absolutism.

Women have no obligation to make a decision as soon as they possibly can. The only obligation women have is to take the time they need to make the decision that is right for them. Don't we believe that women are moral decision makers, and carefully consider their options when faced with an unwanted pregnancy? Don't we reject the anti-choice rhetoric that women make the decision to have an abortion callously? The pro-choice movement takes a step backward when we judge that a woman has taken too long to make what may be a life-changing decision. Shouldn't we want women to take the time they need to make the best decision, regardless of where they are in the pregnancy?

I have a personal morality problem with abortion in general, but am not opposed to it in specific situations. I'm not even opposed to its legality in the non-viable first and early second trimester, but certainly think its disgusting that anyone would do this simply for "my body my choice" reasons. That said, Abortion absolutism is ****ing malicious and evil.
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