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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
Clearly the answer is to shift responsibility from the individual to the collective at the expense of productive citizens. It has worked so well for the children of the geat society.

Obviously I am not a pro choice supporter, but I agree there are times when a first or early second trimester abortion is understandable and/or medically indicated. Someone gets pregnant from rape / incest... comletely understandable. Someone gets diagnosed with rectal adenocarcinoma and needs neoadjuvant chemo/ radiation prior to a low anterior resection and they are less than 20 wks pregnant... medically indicated (and I've been there having that discussion).

What is not acceptable to me is abortion as a retroactive birth control method, perceived financial hardship avoidence method, or as a means to somehow prevent future poverty and crime. I realize this is incompatible with liberal thought, but sexual intercourse has consequences. You take risk of creating another life when you have vaginal intercourse to completion. The mechanism is well understood and is not rocket science. There are any number of methods to lessen the risk of pregnancy, but none are completley effective. Bottom line.. You take on the responsibility for your actions. If you happen to get pregnant, try something novel like trying to raise your child with the involvement of the father. Or maybe give the child up to any number of couples willing to adopt and care for your child.
Excellant post Doc. Rep.
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