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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
^ This is what any rational, reasonable, intelligent person understands. It's interesting to me that the same people who are so concerned about the unwanted unborn care so little about the unwanted born.
More or less, though I wouldn't phrase it "unwanted born", because that phrasing causes animosity from the right, and isn't truly representative of the situation...I would put it "unable to be cared for".

Seriously, though...I have yet to hear a cogent argument of how we should help children who are born to parents out of wedlock, or who are unable to care for them one reason or another. The answer is always "well the parents never should have..." which is a nice sentiment, but completely ignores not only the problem, but the need for a solution. Then they go back to complaining about taxes and crime, not seeing the irony at all.

I would imagine if we asked the question "Is the primary purpose of incarceration for punishment or rehabilitation?", we could see pretty clearly where people stand on actually solving issues vs. just complaining about them.
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