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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
IMO you only trade up for qbs, or a total stud like ATL did with Julio Jones. For instance back in the day i wanted us so bad to trade up for Brian Urlacher.

In this draft there are only a couple players IMO worthy of that.

1-Chance Warmack - will be pancaking front 7 defenders for a decade and can play gaurd or center and dominate.

2-Dee Millner-great cbs always worth it IMO

3-Any of the 3 LT if you really need one. LT always hard to find and all 3 of these ones look ready to start

4-Dion Jordan - the only true QB killer in the draft
I would only advocate one of the LTs in Fisher or Jockel and Dion Jordan as I think they are blue chip prospects.

Warmack is such a good NFL ready prospect, but you don't move up for a guard in the top 10.. Look at DeCastros free fall last year, though I would have moved up a spot or two for him last year, or a couple of picks this year for Warmack, just not top 10.

Milner is not one of my favorite CB prospects.. He lacks ball skills that would make him elite.
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