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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
I'm not overly thrilled with his list either. And I think Mayock is the best of the bunch. They all are pretty off on draft day though in terms of value, but Mayock usually does a decent job to identifying good players. A few complete duds notwithstanding.
I like listening to Mayock, as I'm sure we all do, because we love football and player evaluation. He probably has more access to all of these players year-in and year-out of anybody on the planet. Because of that exposure, he will bring attention to some players that I otherwise never would have heard of. But I don't trust his talent evaluation. Neither do NFL GM's (except for Josh McDaniels, who basically drafted according to Mayock's board).

Mayock also severely inflates a lot of players that play in the Senior Bowl...I think to try to persuade NFL teams to draft them high, so he can say, "see look at all the players who made money this week", when he's commentating the game. It's like his personal showcase of himself.
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