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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
The Broncos will draft a quarterback, but not that high. If the team understands winning now, they need to do better than they did last year in the draft. Derek Wolfe was the only guy who got any starting time for the team. We hit on that pick -- as any team should with their first selection. If the Broncos draft a QB in the top three rounds, they are clueless. They definitely want competition for Osweiler and I agree that having the ability to groom others under Manning, Elway, etc. is a good idea -- but under no circumstance is it that high of a need for us.
That was actually well said. I could not agree more, on most of it. If they want to find a project guy late in the draft for competition for Brock, cool. But they are in FLAT OUT win now mode and they know they are close. I would not expect to see the Broncos use a pick higher then round 6 on a project QB. Hard to say though how last years draft will end up. Yes Wolfe got to start, but several others guys we don't even know about and it wasn't really like several of them had a chance to start. Brock, well he's being groomed and we knew he wasn't going to play yet. Hillman, yeah, I think they could have found a better all around back then him. He did not impress. He'll get another shot this year and hopefully he added some muscle and we shall see. Boldin I believe was injured most of the year was he not? Blake? Jackson showed some stuff early but for me he's never going to be a good DT. His only shot is a run stuffing DE. Trev, who knows, he did some good things.

But here's to a fabulous draft this year
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