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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
you offer handouts not solutions. You keep the poor voting for you by scaring them into what life would be like under the mean Republicans who want you to have a good job and earn your money. Democrats only pretend to care about poor people. Its conservatives doing all the real charity. Liberals they want a govt job paying them 100 grand a yr to help the poor.
What policies and laws have you supported which would ACTUALLY rduce the number of abortions? If banning guns doesn't stop gun violence, well, banning abortion, which so far is the only policy I have seen you support, won't do a lock either.

Since we're talking generalities here, conservatives are so concerned about what happens to a baby before it's born...they don't give two ****s about them once they are.

But keep sticking your head in the sand. Nothing the majority of your party supports actually does anything to prevent abortion. You just want to demonize the people who resort to such awful means without asking why. You assume to know the answer, claiming laziness, moral degeneration, and in the case of errand, txtebow, and nyuk, racial inferiority. It's the same reason we have surge a huge percentage of the population in prison. Do you really believe we have that many people in this nation who are just outright bad people? Studies show that upwards of 80% of prison inmates suffer from some form of addiction, yet only about 12% are treated for addiction. Instead if asking why, you will say "because you can make up an addiction for anything" or "you can rig the polls to say anything". You have an answer without even looking into it. You have the argument won in your own mind before it even begins.

Nope, not me. I'm pro-life. At least I'm consistent. I'm against abortion, against war, and against the death penalty. Go ahead and justify away your reasoning for the other two.
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