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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I few I disagree strongly with:

7. Sheldon Richardson - this is too high for me, he is too inconsistent to be up this high, he has a ton of talent but looks like a real bust candidate.

13. Tyler Eifert - Eifert reminds me a lot of slightly worse version of Jermaine Gresham, similar size and speed and both pretty complete players, but lacking just that last bit of speed to take over games. Gresham went 21 in a very strong 2010 draft, and I expect Eifert to end up in the same sort of range, the draft is not as strong as 2010, but Eifert is not quite as good a prospect as Gresham was.

16. Dee Milliner - CB is a prime position and they ALWAYS go higher on draft day, I just don't see this kid fall out of the top 10.

29. Kyle Long - it would be a Bruce Irvin type reach to draft this kid in the 1st round, he is not close to being the top OG in the draft and he has some serious baggage.

37. Keenan Allen - he will be one of these guys who will be sitting around on the best of the rest lists for a LONG time. His slow ass 40 time, his drug test at the combine and his poor interviews, he is in for a slide and a half.

I think a fair number of guys are a bit lower than I think they should be, mostly because of a few players who are very much higher than I think they should be.
Isn't Mayock a Notre Dame nut Not surprised at how highly he ranks Eifert considering he's likely watched every single second of tape he's ever done since he picked up a ball. Sure he had Motta in his pre-combine top 5 safeties.

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