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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
If we trade up for a DE for a DE I will be so pissed. Odds are then the best RB could be still on the board as wells the top three MLBs, and second best safety. I know you don't like Lacy but, I bet you will draft him before trading draft picks to move up to get Moore or Tank.
You know it bro!

I'm just do torn on the RB issue.. I really think McGahee is quality when healthy, I don't like Moreno, but as depth he's a solid back-up.. I guess..
I really think Hillman is going to be a good RB, and he fits the fast paced, passing offense.

I think a stud RB would put this team over the top, I just don't want to invest a first or even second rounder to do so.. I know I have been a big advocate of Bell, but I am warming to other prospects. If we keep both McGahee/Moreno, do we really need Lacy or an early RB? I think Lattimore would be a great player to stash away, or a couple middle round RBs I like Taylor and Ball have a grittyness to them, while Bernard and Randle have a good skill set with more big play ability..

I'm really torn on RBs just like I am with DEs..
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