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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
What the hell are you talking about? It doesn't matter it was Russia...ummm these guys were from that region, recently travelled there etc. What country do you want tipping us off about them? We should all be upset the FBI had this bomber handed to him and they still let him go kill Americans. This along with police letting a bag be unattended makes this a security failure. We have to do better so we can be safe.
It's clear you never read any of my posts. The FBI doesn't have the resources to watch every person they receive info on. This is a FACT. The must prioritize their information. This is a FACT.

I am simply suggesting that, given how much intel they receive, it's likely they didn't trust intel from a nation who is not friendly to us about a people they don't like more than, you know, the intel they themselves obtained. They also were not able to get any more specifics from the foreign country after they conducted their investigation.

At what point do we stop trustin our intelligence in favor of another country's? I don't care if England gives us intel on a guy, if WE investigate, and WE find nothing, and then we ask for more specifics and they can't give us any? Sorry, we don't have the time, money or people to conduct that kind of surveillance. That is, unless you're willing to have your taxes raised to pay for the huge logistical and technological overhaul it would take to keep up that kind of thing.

Now I'm all for an investigation, like I said, but you're acting like you're automatically assuming they were at fault. If you knew anything about the region, you wouldn't be saying these things.
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