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Malik Jackson

I like Mayock, I really do. However, his evaluation of Jesse Williams is disheartening to me. Especially when Daniel Jeremiah has him at #21 on his top 50 list. What the heck does he NOT see in Williams. Williams Floor is a solid starter @ 3-4 DE, his ceiling is Vince Wilfork with stamina to play more and to be a pocket disruptor in the pass rush. The rest of the DT's all have a little bust potential in them, I see none in Williams, and a higher ceiling than all but 4 of them. Hankins and Jenkins have big bust potential to me and have dropped accordingly, but Williams is an enigma to be rated so low with some real average guys way ahead of him on that list.

The best thing I can say is we all get blinded on certain players with no crosschecks. I have had more than few, but I also have not been this off in preseason evals before. Oh well, he likes Hayden at least
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