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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Mayock is fairly craptastic. I would start by replacing almost his entire 11-20 with his entire 21-30. I would also remove his entire 5-10 and push them down about 5 spots. The top 5 is easy, who even a blind monkey could pick.

It's funny how the national talking-head group think has pushed players like Te'o, and Lotulelei around...that's exactly how you can tell that none of those guys like Mayock have a single bone of individualism in their body.

I'm actually starting to respect Kiper more for his ideas. He was the first one on the Hayden train...then all of a sudden Hayden is Mayock's favorite CB...what a joke.
I'm not overly thrilled with his list either. And I think Mayock is the best of the bunch. They all are pretty off on draft day though in terms of value, but Mayock usually does a decent job to identifying good players. A few complete duds notwithstanding.
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