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i just can't get on that train, one year wonders worry me.
i can deal with a guy who was a starter and then it clicked late, but guys who were back ups and then burst on the scene worry me.
he's very talented though and seized the opportunity.

personally though, if we take a DE from FSU i want Werner or to take Jenkins later in the draft.
I'm not sure how he is a one year wonder? He was the No. 1 JUCO DE. You can take that however you wish. It wasn't like he was riding the pine somewhere for two years. He had very good stats from 2011(31 tackles 5.5 sacks 8 tfl) playing behind Werner and Jenkins. As a starter he increased those numbers in 2012(63.5 tackles 11 sacks 13 tfl). I think that he was just overshadowed by more established players when he arrived at FSU.
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