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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Carradine really isn't a one year wonder. He was a JUCO standout, played well as a junior behind Werner and Jenkins and stepped in for Brandon when he was out with his lis franc injury. He is a highly capable player who just had to play behind two superb players at FSU.

Werner isn't the kind of guy we need. He is not a premier pass rusher. Over half of his sacks came in two games and he had another solid outing at the end of the season to push those numbers. It isn't consistent production in that department.

Jenkins pre-injury is the best pass rusher FSU had, Carradine #2 and then Werner. JMO and I've watched most all Seminoles games over the past 5 years.
You know that I like both Carradine and Jenkings from what I have learned from checking into them for the mock draft. Maybe I'm off here but, I think Werner has the better chance of becoming a better DE. I know he has issues in the run game now even though I see those as correctable problems with more time developing. I could see years one and two of him being a 4 to 6 sack a year guy, then in year three him becoming a 9 to 12 sack a year guy.

Really if we could land either one of those three in the draft I would be happy as hell though.

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