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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Okay? Replace drug deal with bomb.

Question remains, should we continue to squander resources keeping a close eye on someone who:

1) Our own intelligence uncovered nothing on
2) A follow up with the foreign country (the FBI FOIA request didnt indicate Russia) got no response

I thought you were against government waste and for fiscal responsibility? Should we keep tabs indefinitely on every person of interest regardless of what our own intel comes up with? Are we now allowing foreign governments to dictate domestic policy?
All we know is FBI says there was nothing there. We don't know if they dug enough anything. I am only saying we need an outside investigation because I doubt the FBI would admit they screwed up. They will cover up. Also it doesn't take much to check back in on someone a few times a yr when they have been labled a terrorist by their home country they immigrated from. An investigation will tell us of any follow ups, if not why? etc etc. I'm not giving up freedoms under the patriot act to have these guys phones not bugged. Immigrants under suspicion should have phones tapped.
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