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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I don't think anyone can say whether or not the FBI dropped the ball. It will take a Congressional inquiry for sure. Most likely at some point Obama will want to know more about how the FBI handled it, so will the FBI director.

He visited Russia, they thought it was suspicious, he returned to the USA and Russia thought enough of him to warn the FBI about him. Russia probably had nothing more on him as he only traveled there once. After that it would have to be American intell watching him. Houghtam we aren't talking about drug deals so what does that have to do with the FBI tracking terrorists they were tipped on to by another countries intell? I mean trying to equate that with joe blow American telling the police the neighbor could be a drug dealer is a huge reach even for you. Well maybe not for you.
Okay? Replace drug deal with bomb.

Question remains, should we continue to squander resources keeping a close eye on someone who:

1) Our own intelligence uncovered nothing on
2) A follow up with the foreign country (the FBI FOIA request didnt indicate Russia) got no response

I thought you were against government waste and for fiscal responsibility? Should we keep tabs indefinitely on every person of interest regardless of what our own intel comes up with? Are we now allowing foreign governments to dictate domestic policy?
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