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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Polian jumped the shark several years ago as a talent evaluator. The crap he pulled in INDY is legendary, and his draft record shows that. The real genius was Tom Telesco and lo and behold he is now the Chargers GM. Not Good.
this is why i have to do a WTF double take at what he says sometimes.
all he ever talks about is he and Dungy's philosophy that you had to take a impact area player over a guy like a stud OL or DT.
QB,DE,WR is all he ever ranks highly and talks about as impact players.
the OL,DT and the meat and potatoes of the team gets passed over and ****ted on by him.

he barely wanted to say he'd have to take a OT #1 the other day and looked in pain when he said it.
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