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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
We also allow a certain number of immigrants and refugees from nations that are torn by civil war and poverty into America each year. Their happens to be a lot of "terrorism" and "suspect behavior" in those countries too.

So basically you just don't want Islamic people in America. Gotcha.
Well let's see.....9/11 carried out by Islamic terrorists who were here on visas.....Boston Marathon bombings allegedly carried out by Islamic sympathizers/apologists (much like yourself)....over 3,000 Americans killed but it's not a problem letting them in our nation...glad to see you're ok with that kind of collateral damage for the sake of maybe some clown will actually be a good citizen....gotcha

you do realize that if we didn't allow people like this into our nation we probably don't have 9/11 which led to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.....but feel free to dispute that too.
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