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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
While everyone has been up in arms about illegal immigrants I've been espousing the need to do something about legal immigrants. But I've been doing this since the 80's so I fail to see how this is a "liberal immigration" issue. Clinton and Boxer worked to implement less immigrants and who could immigrate but immigration increased in the 2000's (yes even after 9/11) and was at it's peak during Bush's administration and has been less since 2008. Once again your argument holds little merit.
Well one problem is whenever most people suggest we secure our borders, they're automatically labelled as racists or xenophobes by those who are liberals. As for the "peaked during the Bush administration".....congress is the one who makes laws.....and Democrats have been in control of congress for how many years?

It's easier to answer the question by how many years have the Republicans controlled both houses since 1950...the answer...only four...and two of those four the majority in the Senate was 51-49, a razor thin and actually Democrat controlled since at least four Republican senators were liberal in voting.

President Lyndon Johnson (D) signed into law the bill authored by Ted Kennedy (D) that changed our immigration law to the cluster**** it is today as it basically opened up the flood gates. Anyone who speaks out against the current cluster**** is automatically labelled a racist xenophobic a-hole.
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