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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Think Taylor is a good scheme fit too. CharlieCampbell @ WF said most scouts are putting a #2 on Hayden. I don't think the Bengals are going to draft him in the 20s. Milliner, Rhodes, Trufant are the first round guys. Then you have a bunch of other dudes 5-7 of them in the mix thereafter. Probably not good value wise for them, IMO. Considering they just drafted Kirkpatrick, re-upped on Newman and have Leon Hall, I don't see it being an immediate need for them. One of the reasons I didn't go after a corner early, despite this class in the forum mock. They could use a S more than a CB, desperately need a RB and need to figure out their LB situation.
In my opinion there are 5 CBs that go in the first. Hayden and Taylor being the other two.
I'm buying into the fact that Mike Zimmer has spent more time on Hayden then any other player. I couldn't see a DC wasting all that time to not select a player.
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