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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
I think Hayden is a lock to go to the Bengals. Also I maybe alone but, I prefer Taylor over Rhodes. I think Taylor can step in and play the big nickel DB right of the bat then take over for Champ or DRC then next year.
Think Taylor is a good scheme fit too. CharlieCampbell @ WF said most scouts are putting a #2 on Hayden. I don't think the Bengals are going to draft him in the 20s. Milliner, Rhodes, Trufant are the first round guys. Then you have a bunch of other dudes 5-7 of them in the mix thereafter. Probably not good value wise for them, IMO. Considering they just drafted Kirkpatrick, re-upped on Newman and have Leon Hall, I don't see it being an immediate need for them. One of the reasons I didn't go after a corner early, despite this class in the forum mock. They could use a S more than a CB, desperately need a RB and need to figure out their LB situation.
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