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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
Agreed, but under the current circumstances, you're saying he's an upgrade over two guys who won't see the field much if everyone remains healthy. I'm mostly playing devil's advocate here, but if they are drafting Rhodes with an eye for him to make an impact this year, then they dont believe in Bailey, DRC, and/or Harris...and i find that hard to believe.
This is all hypothetical anyway. Rhodes is going to be long gone by the 28th pick but IF he's there, then I don't think the Broncos can pass him up. They may try and trade down with a team who sees Rhodes sitting there but even then I doubt the Broncos make that trade. It's about talent and CB is the second hardest position to fill on the football team outside of QB. So if Rhodes is there the Broncos take him simply because of the value. Then let the chips fall where they may in training camp.
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