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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
Agreed, but under the current circumstances, you're saying he's an upgrade over two guys who won't see the field much if everyone remains healthy. I'm mostly playing devil's advocate here, but if they are drafting Rhodes with an eye for him to make an impact this year, then they dont believe in Bailey, DRC, and/or Harris...and i find that hard to believe.
Why would it mean they don't believe in them?

The facts are these:

Champ Bailey, HOF -- has two years left on his deal and isn't getting younger. (Still one of the Top 5 CB in the NFL)

DRC, FA pick-up -- streaky. Pro-Bowl caliber, but misses tackles and has some mental lapses. Quality #2 guy, but only here on a short deal. UFA after this year.

Chris Harris, UDFA -- played extremely well last year, likely going to be a #3 guys this year of DRC outperforms him in camp. RFA after this season.

Tony Carter, UDFA -- sticky had some great games, great reserve corner. Never profiles as a starter. RFA after this season.

Omar Bolden, 4th round pick -- Has potential to be a starter in the NFL but had limited experience last year and was on special teams. Three years left on his deal.

Denver has nobody LONG-TERM that profiles as a #1 cornerback. Their depth players are also here on short deals. It may be more cost effective to draft a guy in the first or second that has that potential and will be here for more than just one season. It is also a smart personnel decision.
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