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Exactly, when your work ethic is called out on top of the drug problems Moore has as well (busted with pot and drug test failures) and scouts start saying that a player would rather just hang out, get drunk, party, and all that jazz you better start doing something to prove that you are going to work your ass off at the next level to get better. You don't show up weak like Moore did at the combine. Had he been working out he would have lifted more and probably not hurt his leg running the 40.

Moore was better at his pro day and really looked good at the college all star challenge which is a nice start. Really he killed it in the drills in the challenge. Which isn't surprising because he is a good football player.

Price has been all over the place with Moore acting like he is the ONLY player in the draft worth selecting at DE. One minute we need to move up exactly to 22 and beat Atlanta to him Then moves him down to 40 on their big board and he cools off, only to have him the very next day he has him going number 9 to the Jets anyways so how the hell was Denver going to get him in the first place?

Price also acts like king **** thinking he was the first to pimp Wolfe when it was really Mug who said he reminded him of JJ Watt then over a week later Price started talking about him.
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