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Looks like the numbers we used for the Free Agent round were correct. At most you could get 20 Free Agents if you won with all 5000 bids, otherwise you were getting less.

So, don't change a thing about UDFA Round 1.

We do need to figure out what to do regarding leftover money. I definitely do disagree with Rev when he says the players in UDFA Round 1 and 2 are the same caliber. The steals get picked over badly in UDFA 1. I think the game should continue until every player has the opportunity to exhaust his 100k. The penalty for being a crappy bidder in UDFA is you won't get the guys you really wanted. If you think you can get a guy for 5k, than that's a risk to take.

So, it seems like either we keep doing rounds until people quit or their funds are exhausted, or we just make it first come, first serve after the UDFA round at 5k per player.
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