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Agreed. I find it amazing that we get 32+ guys with busy lives to get through all 7 rounds of a mock. It's a huge commitment for everyone. I'm glad we have a group of fans who are into it and willing to participate.

The UDFA round to me is gravy. Anything extra we get, any extra amount of fun we can squeeze out, is great. We've never set up the UDFA round to be mandatory and ultra-realistic. Heck, our draft with no future picks or player trades can't be realistic. we could work in all of the ultra-detailed parts of this, but everyone is busy and I don't think we would have a high degree of success.

I don't know what the mock and UDFA rounds are for everyone else, but for me it's fun, informative, and an interactive way to talk draft and football during a long offseason. I know its not super close to the way the NFL does things. That's fine with me, this format seems to serve our purposes.

If we can come up with cool tweaks and ways to make it better, fantastic. Otherwise, it seems everyone is having a good time and enjoying the draft process.

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