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Matt Paradis

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
It depends on the goal.

The goal is recreating the reality, and because of that, it stops being even a remotely accurate mock-up once you start losing participation. That's the UDFA round is a little silly to start with.

Going to UDFA 2 with single digit participation and also having it reward people who LOST bids in the initial UDFA round? That's ****ing stupid from head to toe.

But AS I STATED ORIGINALLY (before people started reaching the verge of tears ):

If it's for anyone who wants to prolong the event and kill some time having fun, obviously the way this was done is fine.

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OK... OK... let's de-escalate this a bit. We've obviously caught each other is a pissy mood, let's not burn any bridges here.

Check out the thread I just posted in the draft forum-- it's related to this, but much more civil
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