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I would have taken Fauria in the 7th, and you put in a higher bid for me on Spadola in the UDFA round -- love both of those players where you got them.

I honestly can't make up my mind about Da'Rick Rogers.... I can definitely see the talent there, but with so many good wide receivers in this draft, why go for the guy with character issues?

Given how "boom or bust" your first few choices are, your draft could be epically successful or Al Davis terrible. Should be fun for you to track your rookies this year, at the very least.
yeah, in hindsight I would have taken Marshall WR Dobson over Rogers in the 3rd.Definitely a boom or bust draft, but I was glad to get Spadola and Cierre Wood in the UDFA portion. White could fit as depth at NT for Pettine's new-look D. Thanks JCM, BowlenBall, and everyone else for running this.
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