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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by BowlenBall View Post
1) Training camp roster sizes increased from 80 to 90 last year.

2) Hard to come up with a rebuttal for that one....

3) Seriously, what's with the aggression? We all clearly enjoy doing this and spend a lot of time on it.... Why be so insulting? I normally enjoy your sense of humor, but you're not being funny, you're being rude.
1) Right, and with the same size camp roster, they took 10 less

2) You don't see how it devalues the original UDFA round when missed bids just become new players? Do you think there's a big drop off between UDFA round talent and UDFA round TWO talent?

3) Because you're making a stupid argument. Instead of saying, "Okay, that's true, but it's a fun way to keep going", you're instead arguing something that's totally bull****. So get as sensitive as you want to get... it's still nothing shy of stupid.
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