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Matt Paradis

Originally Posted by JCMElway View Post
Jack Doyle, TE, Western Kentucky

Big target, with a powerful build. Fires off the line of scrimmage, shows good explosiveness in his first couple of steps. Catches the ball away from his frame. Has the flexibility to contort to make the tough catch. Sent in motion a lot, works well on the move, showcasing plus mobility. Find soft spots in the zone, and has enough speed to threaten the seam. Physical blocker. Locks arms out and keeps his feet moving when engaged. Mirrors well as a pass protector, sells play fakes.

Not tremendously fast. Has some issues in getting off the press. Will play to high as a blocker at times, resulting in defenders getting into his chest and jolting him. Too often finds himself overextended as a blocker, makes it easy for defenders to slip off. Needs to add more strength, especially in his lower body.

NFL Comparison
Brent Celek

Bottom Line
The first-team All-Sun Belt tight end is a big target, and fluid athlete. Doyle adjusts to passes like a much smaller player. However, he doesn't adequately use his size as a blocker. While he doesn't have great speed, he has enough to challenge the seams. When this is combined with his ability to find openings in zones, he will likely be a mid-round selection.
You jumped me on Doyle in the 2nd UDFA round.... I love everything about him (great career stats, three-time team captain) EXCEPT the fact that he attended the Senior Bowl, but then wasn't invited to the combine. That's usually a huge red flag that scouts don't think he's gonna make it in the big leagues. Also, no results were released from his pro day, which is a bit odd....
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