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Demontre Hurst, CB, Oklahoma

Just so you know: Demontre Hurst isn't the sexiest or flashiest player, and if you have no interest in reading about prospects who are slated to go much later in the draft -- if at all -- then this post isn't for you. But if you enjoy the process of scouting players who aren't household names, all while hoping to potentially unearth that hidden gem who's been otherwise overlooked and/or disregarded, then follow me down the rabbit hole.

Overview: I decided I wanted to study Demontre Hurst closer and write a scouting report on him because, despite not getting the same hype as secondary teammates Tony Jefferson and Aaron Colvin, he always flashed during my live viewings of Oklahoma games. Overall opinion: A nice late-round sleeper/UDFA prospect. Interesting player whose tough, physical style belies his size. A reliable, consistent, game-in-game-out performer. Unique measurements in terms of arm length and wingspan for 5'9" height, which are even more notable when combined with 37" vertical jump. Similar to his stats, Hurst plays a solid, steady game; not the sexiest or flashiest player, but he gets the job done. Tremendous asset at LOS, against the run and is one of -- if not THE -- best tacklers of all the CBs I've studied thus far. More comfortable attacking and moving forward than he is retreating and shadowing in coverage. Size and speed could end up being prohibitive limitations in NFL, but I could just as easily see him developing into a viable #2/3. I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable betting against him.

Hurst plays hard, and is willing to support in the run game. Quick feet help him move effortlessly forward or backwards to stay with receivers all over the field. Flashes the zone awareness to find and make plays against a second receiver coming into his area. Possesses fast hands to knock away passes, and works hard to rip out the ball as the receiver tries to rein it in.

Won't be able to play outside in the NFL. Slender frame. Doesn't possess adequete strength to challenge receivers like he did in college. Will get locked onto blocks in the running game. Bringing down bigger ballcarriers is also an issue for him, as receivers can spin out of his tackle attempts even when he closes fast and is in position to make the play.

NFL Comparison
Dominique Franks

Bottom Line
Hurst is a gritty defender who plays with a high motor. He possess a slender frame, and will struggle with the physical aspects of the game. His quick feet combined with his aggressive plays gives a shot at playing the slot in the NFL.

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