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Elvis Fisher, OT, Mizzou

Pass blocking: Solid pass protector who plays with a wide base. Lacks a fluid, quick kick-slide but does not get beaten outside. Flashes quickness to down-block and still pushes wide rushers or late blitzers around the pocket. Cuts down ends quickly and thoroughly on quick passes to his side. Gives too much ground against bull rushes, is always moving backwards and must anchor more quickly against NFL ends. Overextends to sustain at times instead of punching and recoiling. Inconsistent recovery speed, may struggle there at the next level. Used as tight end on unbalanced line.

Run blocking: Good strength as run-blocker on the edge, displays power and footwork to direct oncoming defenders out of running lanes. Gets after his man and stays on the block through the whistle, resetting his hands and moving his feet. Almost always in two-point stance in Missouri's pass-blocking scheme, looks naturally strong and quick with his hand down.

Pulling/trapping: Not asked to trap or pull in Missouri's pass-blocking scheme. Looks to have enough foot speed to trap inside if moved to guard, has aggression and willingness to sustain to knock out linebackers in his path. May have difficulty, however, doing more than get hand on inside targets due to average agility and flexibility.

Initial Quickness: Possesses adequate speed getting out of his two-point stance. Does not lose initial contact battle very often, but technique must be perfect to stay with quicker NFL ends. Capable reach-blocker, can direct quick tackles past the ballcarrier.

Downfield: Used in front of receiver screens, hits multiple targets and will sustain once latched on. Lacks the quickness to adjust to quicker defenders in space, will lunge and miss.

Intangibles: Media-friendly talker. Came to Missouri as a hard worker and has only continued to improve in the weight room and practice field. Gives full effort every play on the field.

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