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Tough-as-nails center with good overall strength and the intelligence to lead an NFL line. Gives good effort to sustain run blocks through the play, whether itís a reach block or chasing down Mike linebackers when asked. Good enough feet to move to correct blocking angle while engaged. Displays bend and a punch to knock linebackers away from the play in space. Flashes mirror ability when man-up in pass pro, wonít be bull-rushed when in balance. Brings a big punch to help either of his guards, knocks defenders sideways. Reliable shotgun snapper, hands get up quickly to handle tackles trying to beat him off the snap.
Not overly athletic and possesses average size and strength. Stiff, lacks quickness, and balance. Stops his feet and bends at the waist in one-on-one blocks, better tackles can pull down and disengage. Quicker second-level targets will avoid his advance or get back into play after initial contact. Struggles to recover when initially beaten.
NFL Comparison
Bill Nagy
Bottom Line
Growing up about 20 minutes from South Bend and being named after a former Notre Dame player made it quite likely a high school All-American like Cave would suit up for the Irish. Cave earned third-team All-American honors his senior year in part due to his toughness, and intangibles. However, Cave isn't very athletic, or overally strong. He's not very quick, and rarely recovers when beaten. In order to improve, he will have to be more efficient in winning with his hands, and maintaining adequate balance.

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