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1. Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma, First round
2. Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama, Second Round
3. Dwayne Gratz, CB, UConn, 4th Round
4. Garrett Gilkey, OG, Chadron State, 5th Round
5. Michael Buchanan, DE, Illinois, 5th Round
6. Cobi Hamilton, WR, Arkansas 5th Round
7. Brandon Magee, CB, Miami, 6th Round
8. Robert Lester, S, Alabama, 6th Round
9. Sean Renfree, QB, Duke, 6th Round
10. Steve Beauharnais, ILB, Rutgers, 7th Round
11. Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida State, 7th Round

UDFA pickups:
Braxston Cave, C, Notre Dame
Wes Horton,DE, USC
Travis Johnson, DE/OLB, San Jose

Ontario McCaleb, RB, Auburn
Elvis Fisher, OT, Mizzou
Jack Doyle, TE, Western Kentucky
Demontre Hurst, CB, Oklahoma
Brandon Moore, DT, Texas

Overall, I am very pleased with this draft. A lot of my targets kept getting snagged, but I guess that's a good thing to know that at least I am on the same page as my fellow Maners as to talent evaluation. Johnson and Lacy will come in and see significant playing time right away. Gratz will probably crack the starting lineup, and Magee should see some time in the slot. Crazily enough, a 6th round pick, Lester, may also be able to walk right in to the starting lineup, while Buchanan and Beauharnais will see time in certain packages. And with the Bolts' weak ass receiving corp, Hamilton will be challenging for playing time as well.

Renfree was necessary as the Chargers may need a backup plan if Rivers implodes again. And it never sucks to draft the best player at his position, Hopkins, in round 7.
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