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Matt Paradis

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Here's the point you're missing... if your evaluation skills were so good regarding Worrilow, you would've picked him up earlier. When it meant something.

But you didn't think enough of him when it cost a draft pick, and you didn't think enough of him in the first UDFA round when you spent your supplied money.

You did, on the other hand, think enough of him to use money you already spent in the initial round and lost on (which eliminates a large portion of the consequence of not bidding enough) on this guy.

Again, this is ****ing stupid. Brb submitting a cut and paste of prospects #300-500 and then claiming it's because I'm "hardcore".
Wrong... I didn't "discover" Worrilow until after our initial UDFA round. Had I known about him earlier, he would have been a candidate for my 7th rounder.

In any case, I'm not sure why you're offended by us selecting 15 to 20 UDFAs. The NFL has 90-man training camp rosters, so most teams will bring in a similar number of rookie free agents.

And... I've got a 1350-man big board right now, with roughly 900 players unselected. I've done the legwork and at the very least reviewed the college stats and pro day workout results for each one. So, yeah... I've put in quite a bit of work on this, and claim bragging rights if some of my guys end up making it in the NFL

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